And at last I see the light.


Joan Crawford in Dancing Lady, 1933

All I want to do today is lay in bed and listen to the rain outside and some cheesy depressing emotional songs about love

Madonna - Human Nature
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Human Nature is a 1995 single from what is arguably Madonna’s most underrated album, “Bedtime Stories.” This song was in response to the negative reaction - both critical and public - to her book “Sex” and her album “Erotica.”

Male artists garnished mass praise for their sexually driven R&B throughout the ’90s, while Madonna was vilified for her eager libido. Unapologetic of her self-expression, she sarcastically slams the media exclaiming “Did I say something true? / Oops! I didn’t know I couldn’t talk about sex. / Must’ve been crazy." The John-Baptiste Mondino directed music video features Madonna fully clad in a tight leather bodysuit, tied to a chair, surrounded by mirrors, being harassed by male hands. 

This is my favorite by her and is the reason I was so deeply interested in her career and the impact she left. This song can apply to women, queer peoples, or anyone who feels like their sexuality is suppressed for fear of shaming. Take a few tips from Madge - Don’t let anyone shove you into a narrow room, fight back and be yourself. 

Madonna’s best era by far. And my favorite song by her too!

A different lover is not a sin.

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"Want to know a secret? Promise not to tell? We are standing by a wishing well. Make a wish into the well—that’s all you have to do—and if you hear it echoing, your wish will soon come true."

To Catch A Thief (1955) | dir. Alfred Hitchcock